Prices - Early Birds & Night Owls

  • Early Birds



    Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 8.55am. Aged 2 years and over – £4.25 per session (includes breakfast and walk to school).

    Night Owls



    • 3.20pm – 4.20pm – £4.25
    • 4.20pm – 5.20pm – £6.75
    • 5.20pm –6.00pm – £8.75

    If child attending Early Birds and Night Owls



    • Early Birds & Night Owls till 4.20pm – £7.50
    • Early Birds & Night Owls till 5.20pm – £9.50
    • Early Birds & Night Owls till 6.00pm – £10.50

    If your child attends Early Birds & Night Owls till 5.20pm every night – £43.75 per week

    Payment terms

    Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of every month. Payment will be generally required within two weeks of the date of the invoice.

    If payment is not received within this timeframe the Committee reserve the right to cancel a place and reallocate it to a child on the waiting list.

    You also have the option of paying in weekly or monthly instalments in advance.

    We accept payment via most Childcare Voucher Schemes. Please speak to a manager or deputy manager for further information.

    3 and 4 Year Old Funding

    We now offer Extended hours up to a further 15 hours of free entitlement where possible for 3 and 4 year old children whose parents meet the required criteria.