Parent Management Committee

  • Wrenthorpe Pre-school, Early Birds & Night Owls is a registered charity and an integral part of the Wrenthorpe community.  The charity provides a reliable and professional service that cares for the children of the Wrenthorpe community and neighbouring areas.


    The charity is run by a Committee which is a mandatory requirement in order for the service to continue. We are a group of parents and carers, and Pre-school managers who meet once or twice a term to discuss staff welfare, fundraising and the future requirements of the two services. It is a fantastic organisation that continues to provide excellent child care facilities for a wide range of age groups. The success of the organisation is due to the hard work and professionalism of the managers and staff, and in some measure, the commitment of the volunteer parents who have such an important role to play in its Management Committee.


    Every year we hold an Annual General Meeting where parents have the opportunity to come and listen to what has been achieved in the last twelve months and also allows you as a parent to personally become more involved. Each year the elected members stand down and the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Personnel and Health and Safety representative positions are then open for nominations. Anybody can then stand for the role and any current Committee members who wish to stay in the role must seek nomination. We also have places for those who want to help with fundraising and social event sub-committees.

    We always welcome new members, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm to join the Committee and help contribute towards our children’s education.